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I consider myself to be an “Agent of Peace.” I work primarily in Spanish and English speaking countries in North and South America. I have worked in facilitation and conflict resolution for over fifteen years in diverse contexts ranging from rural Paraguay and Colombia to cities of Seattle, Washington, DC, Cuenca and Buenos Aires. I approach conflict from a belief that it arises from the diverse cultural expressions of common human needs. Every conflict or complicated situation, large or small, is an opportunity for deepening our relationships and improving the world we live in.

I have extensive knowledge of a wide variety of the most state-of-the-art strategies, tools and technologies for facilitating groups in conflict and/or groups with a desire to have conversations that are transformative, productive and coherent.

I have specific expertise with conflicts that arise between companies, communities and governments. I’m particularly prepared for supporting those that want to design systems for inclusive communication that is both sustainable and democratic. 

My linguistic and cultural experience makes me particularly helpful in situations where cross-cultural communication is needed. 

Summary of Professional Experience

SEEDS, Mediation Program Manager, 2016-2017

Collaborative Global Initiative, 2014-2017

Provincial Government of Azuay, Cuenca, Ecuador, 2014-2015

Mediators Beyond Borders, Ecuador, 2014-2015

ACCESS Facility, 2013

Mediators Beyond Borders, Colombia, 2009-2011, 2013

Foundation for Democratic Change (Fundación Cambio Democrático), Buenos Aires, 2012-2013

Rotary World Peace Fellow, 2010-2012

Dispute Resolution Center of King County, Seattle, 2007-2010

Peace Corps, Paraguay, 2003-2005

State Department, U.S. Mission to the European Union, Brussels, 2001


2013 - Fielding Graduate University; Certificate in Integral Studies.

2012 - Universidad del Salvador (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Masters in International Relations, Peace and Conflict Studies.

2008 - Dispute Resolution Center of King County (Seattle, WA, USA); Certified Mediator Practitioner.

2002 - George Washington University (Washington, DC, USA); Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Intercultural Communication.

1999 - Franklin College Switzerland (Lugano, Switzerland); Associate of Arts in International Relations.

Additional Training:

Graphic Facilitation and Recording; Zulma Patarroyo - Pataleta; Buenos Aires (Nov 2012)

Art of Hosting: Participatory Leadership for Significant Conversations; Buenos Aires (March 2012)

Restorative Circles; Dominick Barter; Seattle, WA (May 2010)

Transformational Conflict Coaching; Ken Cloke; Seattle, WA (March 2010)

National Conference on Dialogue and Deliberation; Austin, TX (2008), Portland, OR (2010)

Power of Dialogue; Public Conversations Project; Seattle, WA (Oct 2009)

Beyond Yes; Global Negotiation Insight Institute; Erica Ariel Fox; Rhinebeck, NY (June 2009)

Mediating when Race is in the Room; Dispute Resolution Center of King County (Nov 2008)

Inquiry as Intervention; Public Conversations Project; Seattle, WA (June 2008)

Facilitating Effective Meetings; Dispute Resolution Center of Thurston County (May 2007)

Non-violent Communication; Center for Peaceful Communication; Seattle, WA (April 2007)

Community organizing and cross-cultural adaptation; Center for Human Potential; Paraguay (Jan - Apr 2003)