As a catalyst for conflict transformation I am prepared to work with forward-thinking leaders, individuals, organizations, and businesses that want to develop the skills to thrive in the face of conflict. I am ready to help you recognize and harness the generative power conflict, so that it can be a tool for growth and conscious evolution.


Workshops, Trainings and Organizational Transformation

Learn the tools for effective communication, for managing chronic conflicts and for harnessing the generative power of diverse perspectives. Participants will develop a new perspectives on the nature of conflict and human interaction that inspire an immediate sense of possibility and a capacity to implement ongoing changes. Contact me to see what the right fit for you is. Look below to learn more about my three core training modules. 

Presentations & Public Speaking

By bringing together knowledge from the fields of communication, complex systems and natural sciences, I'm offering audiences an paradigm-shifting experience that is novel, entertaining and unforgettable. The content of my talks introduces concepts that are practical and durable. Speaking opportunities can range from informal meetings to keynote addresses. 

Coaching & Consultation

Are you longing to improve your relationship to the increasing complexity of the world? I am available to work with individuals, teams and organizations to help with the tools you upgrade your personal/organizational operating system for sustainable growth. Feel free to schedule a free half hour consultation or contact me to explore how we can work together.

The Fractal Nature of Conflict  My work is a fusion of conflict transformation theory and practices along with an understanding of complex systems, mathematics and nature. My model provides a powerful tool to understand the nature of conflict and then to design new systems for communicating and co-creating the world. This work divides into three inter-dependent modules:

Thriving in Complexity: Recursive Algorithms for Effective Communication

This module helps people understand the role they play in the systems around them.  They develop the skills of effective day-to-day communication helps them engage directly with those around them, ensuring that all voices are being heard. This approach encourages individuals and organizations to maximize their positive influence on the world while working with others.

Omni-Partiality: Designing Inclusive Conflict Management Systems

This module shows individuals and organizations how to design systems that are partial to the needs and perspectives of everyone involved in an issue. Learn how to communicate with those you don't get along with and learn the basic techniques of how to be a mediator/facilitator for others in conflict. This is a great skill set for managers, leaders and people facing ongoing conflict with distant "enemies."

Generative Conflict: Managing Interdependent Polarities

This module focuses on the tools for converting the source of painful chronic conflicts into engines for growth and action. This is useful for leaders who are ready to move beyond "us versus them" thinking or for people who see their relationships, teams and organizations struggling with the same issues over and over again. This module really highlights the alchemy that's possible when we see conflict as an opportunity.

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