Conflict Transformation Resources

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Duncan Autrey @ the culture Conference 2017

A talk on “An Opportunity to Thrive: Embracing Conflict to Build Better Companies”. Duncan shares more at The Culture Conference, 2017. This powerful gathering brings business leaders and culture pioneers who are creating a new paradigm in their organizations. Learn more about the conference here.

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Leadership & Polarization - Old Way vs. New Way

Duncan explains how to manage and talk about a polarized situation. In the Old Way vs New Way answers how to effectively propose new ways of doing things in a way that people can hear and How to turn a win/lose situation into a win-win-win for everyone.

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Conflict Transformation and International Relations Theory

A "brief" course on conflict transformation, international relations theory, the history of the nation-state and the U.S. withdrawing from the Universal Postal Union.

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How to talk about politics with your family

Family the perfect lab for practicing conversations about difficult topics. They are also the most common place to get exposed to other ways of seeing the world. And being in relationship invites us to be authentic. In this video Duncan shares practical and effective ways to talk to family (blood or chosen) about politics.


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The Dangers of Division and the Challenge of Cooperation by duncan autrey

All conflict boils down to a question of self and other. Conflict is about getting stuck in the false dichotomy of needing to choose between self-expression and self-protection, on one hand, and the choice of connecting with and gaining the mutual support of those around us, on the other…..

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Self-determination: The Ethics and Hard Work of Making a World for Everyone b y duncan autrey

If we hope to build a world for all of us then we will not only need to look to the collective; our ethics will need to be grounded in the principle of self-determination. Self-determination is the value that every individual and every nation is sovereign and has the right to determine the course of their own life….