I offer my clients various services based on their specific needs. These services include interpersonal mediation, group facilitation, and personal coaching & consultation. I also do graphic facilitation & recording, which can make events, meetings and presentations into an exceptional, memorable and more effective experience for the participants. 

Facilitation & Group Process Design

I specialize in custom process design. Whether you need a facilitator for a one-day, weekend or weeklong event or an ongoing engagement, I offer to custom design a group process based on your specific needs. I work with inter-group conflicts as well as internal team-building, visioning and organizational development. For all events I offer in-depth preparation and complete documentation.

I have particular experience in community-company-government conflicts, especially those where the parties seeking sustainable community participation.


Whether you are in a conflict with a neighbor, colleague or close relationship, I can be a guide through a process wherein the conflict parties will be able to express their underlying needs to each other and together can find a resolution that is acceptable to everyone involved. A successful mediation process not only restores the relationship between two parties, but can also create a foundation for a more authentic and collaborative relationship into the future.

Graphic Facilitation & Recording

Graphic facilitation and recording is a powerful tool that can convert any meeting, conference, lecture or training into an inspiring experience for the participants. The process consists of real-time recording of group conversations into a large-scale graphic model of what has been discussed. 

Coaching & Consultation

For individuals (independent or in organizations) that are facing conflicts or have a desire to communicate more effectively, I am available for coaching and consultation. I can help you strengthen your capacity to communicate your needs, effectively listen to others and develop your natural capacity to help create spaces for healthy communication.

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Costs are based on time commitment, type of service, preparation needed, level of documentation required, complexity of situation and number of participants.  All services are priced on a case-by-case-basis and offer competitive rates for non-profit organizations.

Please contact me to discuss your specific situation.